Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Little Help With Query Letters

Just a few posts below this one, I wrote about agents and included some advice about query letter writing because it seemed to fit there. So, go have a look-see if you're so inclined. I won't repeat myself here but will list some helpful links for query letter writing that I've collected from the internet. Since this blog is for all writers, some of the articles may refer to screenplays and some articles may refer to novels or magazines. I believe any which way you can get published or read and considered by someone else will be at the very least, a valuable learning experience. It's all good.


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The Query Letter: Your Key to the Market

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Writing a Bulletproof Article Query

Query Creativity - A Way to Get Your Foot In the Door

Query Letters: Do them Right!


Want a Sure-Fire Way to Create a Query Letter that Sells Your Book or Screenplay?

Sample Query Letter

How to Write a Query Letter

What You Need To Know About Query Letters

Query Letters to Knock Their Socks Off!

Scriptblaster E-Query Service (pay)

Screenwriter Sale e-query service (pay)

QUERY LETTERS: One page is all you need

How to Query Us (Zack Company)

Writing a Query Letter

Make the Perfect Pitch: The Novel Query

The Complete Nobody's Guide to Query Letters


Sample Novel Query Letter

How to Write a Successful Query

How to Write a Query Letter

The Query Letter - and how to write one

elements of a good query letter about a nonfiction manuscript


How to Write a Query Letter

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Writing a Query Letter and Book Proposal

Nicholas Sparks: Sample Query Letter

Guidelines for Writing a Query Letter

Attention-Grabbing Cover and Query Letters

How to get your screenplay actually - READ by an executive

Query Letters from Crafty Screenwriting

Want help in writing your query letter? (pay)

Writing Effective Query Letters

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Query letter Wizard (software)

Breaking the Ice

Writer Beware Blog

Writer Beware Blog

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