Saturday, January 28, 2006

In honor of Cloudkick (Brian Nohr), a writer

My friends, Brian "Cloudkick" Nohr and Julie Mallen at the second PGL party (the one attended by Ben and Chris).

Writer/director Brian Nohr died of cancer at age 38. Mr. Nohr wrote and directed the short film "Night’s Necromantic Rose," which is in competition at several film festivals this year including Cannes. Mr. Nohr’s screenwriting credits include the TV series "The New Outer Limits," "The New Adventures of Robin Hood" and "Code Name: Eternity." Mr. Nohr’s mother Elizabeth Hestevold was the storyboard artist on his short film "Night’s Necromantic Rose." Mr. Nohr was also a pet and playwright. A number of his plays were performed at several LA theaters.

His bright light will never really be out, not as long as he is remembered and remembered with love and respect for his true talent as a writer. He was very kind to me and many of his fellow writers. He was very sweet and we'd kicked around the idea of helping each other out with our writing. I'm sorry now that I'll never have that chance to work with this man. I just miss him so much.

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