Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Resources on Writing Character

So, I was just fooling around on the internet, looking for an old pal and then got sidetracked onto the subject of writing and it became a challenge to look up resources on the subject of "Character" or creating it or improving on our characters and so on and here we are... a little collection of links having to do with Character:

"Archetypes, Myths, and Characters"

"Character Arc 101"

"Character Building Workshop" (has some of those nifty checklists and also discussion of the basic character archetypes).

"Death Quaker's Big List of Character Archetypes" (a compilation of character archetypes (Natures and Demeanors) found in the various original World of Darkness books).

"Creating Powerful Characters Using Archetypes" (How to Write Character Driven Stories)

"Character Development Exercises"

"What is a Complex Character?"

"Handbook to Role-Playing"

"Character Creation Checklist"

"Character Checklist"

"Quick Stop for Semi-Important Characters"

"creating and developing characters into real, believable people"

"Creating Real Characters"

"Character Study"

"Creating Believable Characters"


"Archetypal Character"

"Building 'Character' Checklist"

"Create strong, compelling characters through observation and imagination."

"The Professional Screenwriter: Using Character Archetypes"

"Conflict Can Limit Your Characters"

"Character Traits"

"Creating Memorable Characters"

"The Essential Characters: The Villain"

"The Essential Characters: The hero"

"Character Creation Checklist"

"Character Sketch Template"

"Creating Characters - Making them Walk & Talk"


"Biography Info for Main Characters"

"Character Development Tips"

"Creating Characters"

"Quickie Character Archtypes" and "Female Archtypes"

"Character Checklist for Actors"

"Exercises to help you develop interesting and believable characters"

"Resource: Stock Characters, Cliches, and Archetypes"

"Archetypal Characters: Introduction to Archetypes"

"Screenplay Checklist for Writers"

"Characters and Story"

"experts on creating great dramatic characters"

"On Archetypes"

"Race/Culture Creation Checklist" (for sci-fi but can be applicable to all genres)

"Mythical character archetypes on Lost"

"Creating Characters that Jump off the Page"

"Character 101"

"List of heroic stock characters"

"Strong Characters versus Weak Character"


"Screenwriting Fundamentals - CHARACTER"

"Creating Characters With Phobias"

"A Gallery of Archetypes"

"Creating Memorable Characters"

"Character Arc"

"Top 10 Questions for Creating Believable Characters"

"Make character growth your story's overarching theme"

"Four Steps to Creating Unforgettable Fictional Bad Guys"

"Character Development from Suite 101"

"Character-Driven or Action-Driven?"

"Creating a character profile"

"How to write believable Characters"

"Creating Characters from Plot"

"Creating Characters from Scratch"

"Creating Leading Characters in a Novel"

"Character Development drives Conflict"

"Character Intersects Plot: A Look at Character Arc"

"The Case AGAINST Character Arcs"

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I corresponded extensively with Irv before his death, I am interested in what has become of the investigation, etc.

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