Friday, November 11, 2005

Screenplay Basics - Format & Structure - Part Two

Here are some more resources for format and structure. Remember, for every self-styled expert and guru out there, you will get a different opinion about "The Rules." Yes, there is such a thing as "standard format" that makes communicating your ideas more easily read and understood by other working people in the business. And yes to the folks who can't abide learning craft or implementing it, if you have a word out of place or one misplaced comma, you might still sell that glorious screenplay. However, learning HOW to do it right can't hurt.

And amongst the following resources, you WILL find variations and differences of opinions.

Screenwriter's Master Chart - What's Supposed to Happen -- When? A Summary of Various Script Breakdowns and Systems

Script Format For Feature and MOW Scripts

How To Write A Movie - A Basic Guide

How the Pros Do It Invisibly

How To Write A Screenplay From Your Personal Life Experiences: A Step-by-Step Guide - In this new screenwriting exercise from writer Elaine Radford, you will learn how to write a screenplay that is based on your real-life experiences. Elaine shows you how to dramatize the most significant events in your life and the people who have taken part in those events.

The Exercise Series -'s step-by step screenwriting exercises are now available as a printed collection that is mailed to your home. This collection includes three exercises: Character Development, Plot Structure, and Dialogue. By using the easy-to-follow questions in each exercise, you will learn the techniques used by Hollywood's top screenwriters.

OPENING SCENES - Force The Reader To Turn The Page

Building Your House

Suite Beginning Screenwriting

Sample Film Plot Analyses

Beginner/Novice Information