Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour - Full Episodes Online for FREE

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Dude, You Stole My Article


This article is about one writer's pursuit of the truth behind a strange "newspaper" that got almost its entire content by plaigarizing the work of other writers, including the author of this article.

Stealing a writer's work is very nasty business. I had it happen to me. Fortunately, just like the writer of this article, I was able to shut down the "operation" by two disgruntled former members of my writer's forum who, after being booted from my community for their abusive conduct toward other writers, sought their revenge by making a website of their own and posting my various works, in their entirety, on their site without my consent and without giving me any attribution as the writer of my own works.

That's right. They put their own names to MY writing. They simply copied and pasted, in whole, my work. In THEIR names.

And I shut them down. Not to mention, they were plaigarizing whole chunks of published works from publications like the Washington Post and New York Times, etc. and when I notified those writers, their papers' attorneys settled the plaigarists' hash right quick.

Don't steal. If you love writing, then JUST DO IT. Write! That is all.

P.S. See the links in the right column here about copyright and protecting your own work. You won't be sorry you did.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Writerisms and other Sins: A Writer's Shortcut to Stronger Writing by C.J. Cherryh

This is an excellent bit of help with style and craft and every writer should read it - a short article and to the point.


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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Resources on Writing Character

So, I was just fooling around on the internet, looking for an old pal and then got sidetracked onto the subject of writing and it became a challenge to look up resources on the subject of "Character" or creating it or improving on our characters and so on and here we are... a little collection of links having to do with Character:

"Archetypes, Myths, and Characters"

"Character Arc 101"

"Character Building Workshop" (has some of those nifty checklists and also discussion of the basic character archetypes).

"Death Quaker's Big List of Character Archetypes" (a compilation of character archetypes (Natures and Demeanors) found in the various original World of Darkness books).

"Creating Powerful Characters Using Archetypes" (How to Write Character Driven Stories)

"Character Development Exercises"

"What is a Complex Character?"

"Handbook to Role-Playing"

"Character Creation Checklist"

"Character Checklist"

"Quick Stop for Semi-Important Characters"

"creating and developing characters into real, believable people"

"Creating Real Characters"

"Character Study"

"Creating Believable Characters"


"Archetypal Character"

"Building 'Character' Checklist"

"Create strong, compelling characters through observation and imagination."

"The Professional Screenwriter: Using Character Archetypes"

"Conflict Can Limit Your Characters"

"Character Traits"

"Creating Memorable Characters"

"The Essential Characters: The Villain"

"The Essential Characters: The hero"

"Character Creation Checklist"

"Character Sketch Template"

"Creating Characters - Making them Walk & Talk"


"Biography Info for Main Characters"

"Character Development Tips"

"Creating Characters"

"Quickie Character Archtypes" and "Female Archtypes"

"Character Checklist for Actors"

"Exercises to help you develop interesting and believable characters"

"Resource: Stock Characters, Cliches, and Archetypes"

"Archetypal Characters: Introduction to Archetypes"

"Screenplay Checklist for Writers"

"Characters and Story"

"experts on creating great dramatic characters"

"On Archetypes"

"Race/Culture Creation Checklist" (for sci-fi but can be applicable to all genres)

"Mythical character archetypes on Lost"

"Creating Characters that Jump off the Page"

"Character 101"

"List of heroic stock characters"

"Strong Characters versus Weak Character"


"Screenwriting Fundamentals - CHARACTER"

"Creating Characters With Phobias"

"A Gallery of Archetypes"

"Creating Memorable Characters"

"Character Arc"

"Top 10 Questions for Creating Believable Characters"

"Make character growth your story's overarching theme"

"Four Steps to Creating Unforgettable Fictional Bad Guys"

"Character Development from Suite 101"

"Character-Driven or Action-Driven?"

"Creating a character profile"

"How to write believable Characters"

"Creating Characters from Plot"

"Creating Characters from Scratch"

"Creating Leading Characters in a Novel"

"Character Development drives Conflict"

"Character Intersects Plot: A Look at Character Arc"

"The Case AGAINST Character Arcs"

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Screenplay Search

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Writer's Idea Bank

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Publish Yourself Online

Publish Yourself Online

Scribd is a Silicon Valley startup creating technology that makes it easy to share documents online. You can think of Scribd as a big online library where everyone can publish original content, including you! Part of the idea behind Scribd is that everyone has a lot of documents sitting around on their computers that only they can read. With Scribd we hope to unlock this information by putting it on the web. For more information about and how to use it, check out our FAQ

Accepts all major formats, unlimited storage, wide audience, get feedback from community, browse extensive library...

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Podiobooks: Free Audio Books!

"Free serialized audio books, delivered on your schedule."

That's their tagline. Their front page features:

The audio book currently being featured on their front page is titled, "Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword." Genre: Fantasy. Synopsis: "Chicago, 1929. There are a thousand stories in the naked city; and when you're a dwarf at four-foot-one, they all look that much taller."

It is The Era of Prohibition, where crime runs rampant in the streets and a city divided into territories serves as the ultimate prize.

Somewhere in this Underworld of Chicago, an enchanted weapon holds the key to ending The Gangland Wars. In the wake of The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, only one is man enough to stand up against Al Capone...

...a four-foot-one dwarf named Billibub Baddings.

Get ready for The Lord of the Rings written by Mickey Spillane! Poking fun at the hard-boiled detective novel, Fantasy mainstays, and even the legend of Chicago's 1920 underworld, MOREVI's Tee Morris returns to the podiobook arena...and this time, he's bringing a few friends along for the ride!

They have more titles featured on that homepage. They also have a wide selection of categories from which to choose (Fantasy bring only one of them).


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Friday, January 04, 2008

Sources for Buying Screenplays

Samuel French (main website)
Search by author or title
Samuel French's Catalogue lists not only plays but monologues, audition material, classroom guides, classic works and the latest plays from the professional theater and is available for $5.00, includes Catalog rate postage for US orders.

Hollywood Book and Poster Company
6562 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA. 90028
323-465-0413 (fax)

Script City
Script City has the largest selection and lowest prices on all of your favorite movie and television scripts. We have titles from Hollywood's golden era all the way up to the most current films and television shows. Script City also has a large selection of books and guides on the film and telesion industry. We also carry gift items such as hats, t-shirts, ballcaps and mugs from your favorite movie or TV show.
Movie Scripts Section

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