Sunday, December 18, 2005

Book Relief for Katrina Kids

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Book Relief is an unprecedented, publishing industry-wide effort that will distribute at least five million books:

=to those displaced by Katrina and Rita,
=to organizations, schools, and libraries supporting the evacuees, and
=to replenish the schools and libraries being rebuilt in the Gulf Coast.

In New Orleans, 118 of 126 schools sustained damage; in Mississippi, 300 schools were damaged, 24 of them severely damaged or destroyed.

Nearly 190,000 Louisiana students were displaced. Evacuated students are now attending schools in 47 states, with the largest numbers in other parts of Louisiana (41,000), in Texas (48,000), and in Georgia (8,000).

Help place books back into the hands of those affected by Katrina and Rita.

Bad Sex in Fiction Award

This is fun, trying to (or is it accidental?) write the worst sex scene in fiction. The finalist scenes are listed on the Guardian's website. The winner is WINKLER by Giles Coren (Jonathon Cape), a food writer. You'll find it there along with the rest of the finalist entries.

Some finalist excerpts:

his dick jumped around and rattled on her teeth

his prick stared back at him with its one eye clouded by a single drop of pure seminal yearning

it was not long before she had found what she was looking for and liberated his straining manhood

Boonyi pulled her phiran and shirt off over her head and stood before him naked except for the little pot of fire hanging low, below her belly, heating further what was already hot

her nipples opened and flowered without being touched

I twined my legs around Homer's body, gripping him like a hunter hanging on to its prey.

There's more.