Friday, October 28, 2005

Screenplay and Novel Basics - Naming Your Character - Part Three

And here are even more great resources for character names for you...
Pet Name Generator for Lovers
Baby Names & Naming Traditions

Muse Creation Software - Muse Names is probably the largest database of names and meanings you'll find commercially available. Over 40,000 names and meanings, from over 70 origins, are all searchable by name, origin, gender, and/or meaning. In addition, a numerological reading is given for each name, providing insight into traits a person with that name may exhibit. Favourite names can be saved for later review, and the database can be edited to add or revise name records. A certificate can be printed for any given name, proclaiming meaning and origin.

ALSO ON THIS PAGE:The Dogwood Compendium of Names is the 16-bit names database for Windows. A collection of over 29,000 names from over 50 ethnic origins means instant access to the perfect name for your baby, or your fictional character. In seconds you can have the meaning of a name, or search the entire name database for names meaning "beautiful" or "pure" or "butterfly." You can search by name, by ethnic origin, by meaning, or by gender. The Dogwood Compendium of Names is an editable database, and also prints certificates.

Behind the Name
Names for specific ages - This site only has maybe 30 examples per decade, but it's a start. They sell a book, but you can get the info you need for free if you like the names they have listed.
The Name Machine - The Name Machine analyzes first names and their popularity over the past 102 years.
Social Security Administration: Popular Baby Names - This searchable resource for the SSA government website allows websurfers to find the most popular names for a given decade.
Random Baby Namer
French Name Search
iVillage Name Finder
Top 100 Names of the Year
Baby Name Wizard
Baby Name Finder - Find baby names by sex, ethnic origin, number of syllables, and more!
Baby Namer - A database of over 20,000 baby names, which includes features such as meaning, origin, teasing nicknames and variations of the name.
Random Name Generator - Random Name Generator is great for writers who need a little help creating character names. Random Name Generator uses an editable seed file to create random male and female names with optional nicknames. Some of the features and capabilities of Random Name Generator are: a) Over 150 million possible names with the registered version; b) Copy names to clipboard for use in other applications; c) Editable seed file; d) 'How Do I' help section walks you through all procedures; e) On-line.
Native American Indian Male and Female Names and Native American Names for English-Speaking Children
Meanings of many Spanish and Mexican surnames
50 Most Common Surnames in the United States


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